Vision and Mission

Communication Science Course



To be an advanced and competitive institution in developing the science and the skills in journalism, public relations, and audio visual production regionally and globally based on Islamic values.



-       to do the continuous education in Public Relations, Audio Visual Communication, and Journalism and Media Study,

-       to advance the lecturers and students research activities about the relevant society problems,

-       to service the public in the field of communication oriented to the society empowerment,

-       to intensify the training activities in public relations, audio visual communications, and journalism,

-       to establish the cooperation with various institutions to develop the knowledge and its institutional applications.



-       to create the civitas academica and scholars whose good competence is in public relations study, audio visual study, and journalism and media study,

-       to conduct the functional research in the field of communication science for the academic and common society,

-       to empower the society in the field of communication as one of the civitas academica’s involvements in the public area,

-       to create skilled workers in the field of public relations, audio visual communication, and journalism,

-       to set up the cooperation with other relevant institutions to increase the department’s work rate and to raise graduates’ acceptability.


Visi dan Misi