Nabila Firdausiyah: Inspiring Change Through Creativity

Rabu, 24 Oktober 2018 15:37 WIB

Nabila Firdausiyah sees the world through the lens of bright colored ideas. A channel planning executive at Interface Indonesia, her tender age has already seen her make a positive impact in Malang, her city of birth, by using creativity as the main tool for instigating positive change in her community.

A graduate of Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang in 2017, it was during her studies that she came upon an assignment that was to change the course of her educational and professional life. As with any senior student at UMM, a practical examination was a crucial element in obtaining her Communication Studies degree. Opting to pitch marketing and activation ideas to a locally based paint manufacturer, Indana Paint, Nabila and her group toyed with the ideas of hosting promotional events to boost the company’s reach in the community. When several external circumstances prevented them from delving further into this avenue, this, in turn, brought out the best of their inventive nature.

Focusing instead on CSR initiatives, Nabila’s team concocted a plan that was a bold leap from what the company has previously executed. Generally committed to providing paint to redecorate local institutions such as schools and playgrounds, Indana Paint was intrigued at Nabila and her team’s proposal of completely revitalizing the Jodipan slum in the center of Malang. Agreeing to provide paint, funds, and manpower, Indana gave the green light for the entire area of Jodipan to be transformed into a bright and multicolored village. The project garnered national media attention for the positive change it gave to the residents of Jodipan in specific as well as the city of Malang in general. 

This application of corporate creativity didn’t go unnoticed by Interface Indonesia, who approached her to join the NAVA+ Group family upon her graduation. Now an integral part of the team, Nabila brings with her that spark of innovation that has changed her community for the better.

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