Once again! UMM Communication Lecturer Goes to Poland with the Erasmus+

Wednesday, August 10, 2022 00:56 WIB

The program for sending lecturers in the Communication Studies Program at the Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) to Europe is perpetual. Recently, Dr. Joko Susilo, MSi, was sent to Poland to participate in the Erasmus Mundus Staff Week program.

Joko was a “staff” at Wroclaw University of Science and Technology (Politechnika Worclowska) and Politechnika Warszawska at the end of July for two weeks. The program brings him to participate in various activities, including sharing his experience as a UMM Communication lecturer with colleagues in Poland. Moreover, he directly interacts intensely with the cultural sharing between the two countries. 

“The difference between academic system and culture between Poland and Indonesia is obvious,” he stated. Joko, who takes part as the lecturer and the Secretary of the UMM Rectorate, conveyed that most universities in Poland focus on one discipline, such as polytechnics specializing in engineering, medical, and economic universities.

Regarding learning, all are made in the form of semi-modules. Some specific courses can be taken across study programs. “For example, Philosophy class can be attended by 200 students from various study programs,” Joko explained.

As a lecturer who also pursues the field of puppetry and puppetry arts, Joko is also interested in Polish culture. He discussed with his new colleagues about topics that could unite the nations.

“I presented an introduction to Indonesian culture,” said Joko. While doing so, the Poland lecturers, staff, and even the students welcomed him enthusiastically. Most of them are not well acquainted with Indonesia.

The UMM lecturer exchange program to Europe and other countries is coordinated by the International Relations Office (IRO) UMM. In addition to Joko, IRO also sent several lectures from various study programs a month ago to participate in the program.

“This is a long-standing partnership between UMM and Erasmus Mundus. We take advantage of this opportunity as optimally as possible to optimize international atmosphere for the UMM students, staff, and lecturers,” said Dr. Latipun, the head of IRO.

A few years ago, UMM Communication already sent other lecturers. For instance, Nasrullah went to Turkey, Rahadi left for Spain and Poland, and Winda Hardyanti got to Norway. “In addition to Erasmus, the lecturers also participate in overseas universities both through university program and independent program,” the head of the UMM Communication, Nasrullah, stated.

Furthermore, Joko admitted that he was happy to be able to take the opportunity for free. “It develops insight, experience, and enriches understandings of many things mainly related to social and cultural conditions to build self-improvement which expectedly affect the institution,” this lecturer from Sukoharjo (Central Java) concluded (*/nas).