UMM has established ongoing foreign collaborations, including Erasmus Mundus, ACICIS, American Peace Corps, Dutch BGP Engineering, AMINEF, AIESEC, EESTEC, USAID, AUSAID, American Corner, and Saudi Arabia Corner. In the field of education and teaching, the UMM has declared to be a higher education institution with national and international competitiveness based on local wisdom with achievement indicators:

  1. Student-based learning program
  2. The realization of a campus that inspires the growth and development of scientific  culture
  3. Conducive teaching and learning atmosphere
  4. Quality of students and graduates
  5. The increasing of the quality and number of national and international study programmes
  6. The increasing of the number of students' countries of origin, both in undergraduate and postgraduate programmes
  7. The realization of educational cooperation through the exchange of lecturers and students with foreign universities.