Graduate Profiles

Communication Practitioner
  1. Able to become a print, electronic, and digital journalist.
  2. Able to become public relations staff in various agencies.
  3. Able to become audio-visual industry staff.
  4. Able to start and develop a creative communication business.
Communication Researcher
  1. Able to identify communication issues or problems such as those related to media literacy, communication gaps, communication crises in the social, political, and industrial fields, etc.
  2. Have the knowledge and skills to conduct research on communication problems using communication research methods and publish the results.

The graduate profile is formulated from the National Qualifications Framework and elaborated on learning achievement in Communication Science, compiled by the Higher Education Communication Sciences Association (ASPIKOM) and the Education Association of Communication Science of Muhammadiyah Higher Education Institutions (APIK-PTM). In addition, it also utilizes survey results and suggestions from stakeholders in the communication industry for insights.