Study Programme Profile

Communication Studies Program is a study program under the auspices of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP) of the University of Muhammadiyah Malang. Communication Studies Study Program was established on July 28, 1986. We have three specializations: Public Relations, Journalism and Media Studies, and Audio-Visual Communication. Periodically reform of the curriculum is carried out to adjust to the development of science and the professional world in the communication field. The teaching and learning process uses multimedia equipment emphasizing conceptual, managerial, and technical competencies.

To improve skills and accommodate student talents, the Communication Science Study Program provides complete and representative laboratory facilities, including production room labs, TV broadcasts, recording studios, mini theatres, PR simulation rooms, radio stations, photography studios, multimedia computers, and graphic design. Besides being accredited A from BAN-PT in 2013, the UMM Communication Studies Study Program also got the title of Indonesia Best Schools of Communications and Management version of Mix Magazine for three consecutive years (2013-2015). This award is based on a year-round survey of Indonesian campuses with a School of Communication and Management equivalent to an undergraduate degree with an A accreditation status.

Meanwhile, to improve students' academic standing, there are several complementary activities, such as seminars, guest lectures, workshops/trainings, comparative studies, student exchanges, and involving students in lecturer’s research. Student activities are very dynamic; in the Communication Studies Study Programme, there are several communities formed by students, including Eskalator (Creative PR community) and PR Club (Public relations study enthusiast community), Ruang Gerak AV Club (Film and cinematography study enthusiast community), Speak Up Community (Foreign language activist community), Journalistic Club, and Communication Love Research Community (Kociris).

Student activities that lead to professional communication skills often achieve achievements, including winning the PR debate, the "Eagle Awards Metro TV" documentary film competition, and photography at regional, national, and international levels. Lecturers and students are also active in writing several books. In addition, the Communication Studies Study Program alumni are widely absorbed in many leading mass media institutions, including print media, TV stations, radio, online media, PR consultants, and other government and private institutions.