Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements

To apply for any programme at any level at Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM), an applicant must comply with the University’s general admission requirements which are available on the website of the Bureau of New Student Admission through ht more

Student Financing

Financing in the Communication Science Study Programme is adjusted to university regulations. The university provides information regarding the complete payment procedure through the Student Finance Manual, which can be accessed online at https://keu more

Counselling of Applicants

Counselling for prospective students is a priority at UMM. Applicants can come directly to a student counselling service, Guidance and Counseling Technical Service Unit (UPT-BK), or to other help desks at UMM (the Bureau of New Student Admission or P more

Selection Procedure

In the selection process, UMM offers several paths, two of which are the regular and the achievement path. The prospective students who register through the regular path will be selected based on an admission test; a psychology test, and an academic more