Positioning of the study programme in the educational market

Since 2007, this programme has received an "A" accreditation from the National Accreditation Board for Higher Education (BAN-PT). Moreover, in 2021, study programme was awarded by AUN-QA certification. Accordingly, the study programme is recognized as equivalent to other high-quality university study programmes in ASEAN.

The study programme offers a curriculum model with a proportion of 51% theory and 49% applied. This curriculum model is designed based on real clients and real cases considering the developments and needs of the communication industry. This model is also an embodiment of the MBKM (Independent Learning – Independent Campus) program launched by the Ministry of Education and Culture. The MBKM program itself aims to encourage students to master various sciences to prepare them to enter the world of work.

In addition, the study programme curriculum is also structured based on insights from the results of surveys and evaluations with stakeholders. Insights from the survey results become inputs for discussion in curriculum evaluations & workshops. The results of the workshop in the form of curriculum documents are then reviewed by teachers, practitioners, stakeholders, and alumni, afterwards approved by the head of study programme. Based on the national regulations, the curriculum will be evaluated every year and will be reviewed every 4 years to carry out several adjustments in the field of communication science. The study programme performs this process to ensure that the curriculum content is always updated and in accordance with industry needs and the latest trends.

Curriculum Preparation & Development Mechanism

Another advantage that is also owned by the study programme is that every graduate will also have a competency certification in the field of communication. This certification was officially issued by the UMM Professional Certification Institute (LSP) under the auspices of the National Professional Certification Agency (BNSP). Several certification schemes that have been owned by LSP UMM that can accommodate the study programme graduates include the Middle Photographer, TV Producer, Young Graphic Designer, and Public Relations Officer schemes. This is a form of confirmation of the link and match between the graduates of the study programme and the industrial world. In addition, the study programme has MoUs with related industries, the government, and state-owned enterprises.

The study programme also collaborates with Asia University in Taiwan as part of increasing student knowledge, experience, and competence. This collaboration is in the form of a sit-in program for 1 semester which was held in the odd semester of 2021.