Maroon Creative Successfully Helped Supit Urang Landfill Site Trying Zero Waste!

In Collaboration with BSTC, Gantari Creative Successfully Conducted “Educating & Fun Camping”

documentation by Gantari creative, the Public Relations practicum group of the Communication Science Study Program UMM, in collaboration with Bajulmati Sea Turtle Conservation (BSTC) successfully conducted “Educating & Fun Ca more

Iterum Successfully Held A Nationwide Shoe Washing Training For People With Disabilities

Picture documentation by A group of students from the University of Muhammadiyah Malang who are members of a team called Iterum collaborated with the Malang-based institution that empowers people with disabilities, Percacita on Augu more

The Communication Science Students of UMM Succesfully Organized Festival Anak Sawah

Photo documentation by Babinsa Koramil 0816/13 Wonoayu monitored  the UMM Communication Science student activities in Kampung Lali Gadget for the Festival Anak Sawah  at dusun Bendet, Desa Pagerngumbuk, Kecamatan Wonoayu more

Congratulation! Akara Successfully Conducted Festival Wong-Wongan Sawah

Photo documentation by In accordance with national children’s day 2022, Kampung Lali Gadget (KLG) located in  Dusun Bendet, Desa Pagerngumbuk, Wonoayu, Sidoarjo has conducted Endah Lali Gadget event and also “ Fe more