Musical Drama Becomes the 36th Milad Gift of UMM Communication

Friday, July 29, 2022 03:48 WIB

UMM Communication Laboratory launched a musical drama on the Youtube channel, Friday (29/7/2022). Under the title Yuk Ges Yuk (YGY), the drama is the collaboration results of the Communication Laboratory, Communication Student Association (Himakom), the lecturers, and the alums.

“We present this drama as a gift for the 36th UMM Communication,” the Head of the Lab, Widiya Yutanti, conveyed. The link to the drama is as follows (

The drama tells the story of a student named Putri who has a big dream to make her parents happy. She has friends, Ajeng and Angga, who also study in the same study program. They perform slick collaborative action using upbeat music.

Not only students but also three lecturers are involved in this project, namely Widiya Yutanti, Arum Martikasari, and Rahadi. Their performances are no less expressive than that of the students. “I just follow the director’s instruction. They are the expert, and I just follow them,” said Rahadi, who plays the public relations practice lecturer.

This drama conveys that the student’s pride in their choice in UMM Communication should be followed by their hard work and creativity. No time to be lazy because they can only succeed when they work hard.

             Arum Martikasari, the secretary of the UMM Communication lab, admitted that there were problems when the video was about to launch. However, these technical problems did not dampen her intention to present the best work for the 36th UMM Communication momentum. “Thank God. It’s solved. Please enjoy the show by our communication lab,” Arum added.

             The day before launching the drama, Lab gave a surprise by giving Nasi Tumpeng (cone rice) to the Head of the study program, laboratory, Himakom, and lecturers. Through this simple celebration, Nasrullah, the Head of the study program, expects that this anniversary becomes the momentum always to be grateful. 

             “The advantage of this study program is its creativity. Since its establishment in 1986, UMM Communication has never stop creating innovative works. Its character, and lecturers and students’ skills have made a history that is unforgettable,” the Head stated.

             In its journey, UMM Communication has made several changes to adjust to the demands of the times. However, Nasrullah added that the three elective courses, such as audiovisual communication, journalism, and public relations, have been around for a long time. “These courses were established in 1977, but we keep making adjustments to achieve the challenges of the profession and communication science,” he said.

             In the future, UMM Communication will focus on creative digital communication, formulated through curriculum and curriculum-supporting activities, such as practice and development of the Center of Excellence (CoE). “The three courses are possible to maintained, but they must be implemented in a multiplatform manner, from traditional to digital. What’s clear is creativity,” concluded Nasrullah. (nas)