UMM Communication Students Build Children's Dreams in Lali Gadget Village

Thursday, July 28, 2022 00:44 WIB

UMM Communication students are progressively working. Their ideas succeed in getting public attention by conducting creative activities in various regions. Recently, the Public Relations practice team entered Sidoarjo regency through the Festival Endah Lali Gadget event in early June.

Formerly, UMM Communication had also finished various popular works in several regions, such as Kampung Warna-Warni Jodipan (Jodipan Colorful Village) in the City of Malang, Tempesurus in Batu, Badhongan Festival in Gresik, Educational Tourism in Pujon Kidul, and Boon Pring in Malang Regency. The festival performed in Sidoarjo is the reason behind the existence of Kampung Lali Gadget (KLG), which was formed in 2018 in Bendet Hamlet, Pagerngumbuk Village, Wonoayu district. 

The festival activity focuses on children being able to control their addiction to mobile phones. Further, 17 elementary schools in Wonoau were attended, comprising 126 participants and 62 companions. 

“Coinciding with the commemoration of National Children’s Day, this Endah Lali Gadget Festival invite elementary students to show their self-expression through various tradition games. Let them forget the mobile phone,” one of the practice members, Udaimatun Nur Farahin, stated.

In addition to Farah, there are also M. Taqiyudien Al Rasyid, M. Zaky Nurrahman, Veri Teguh Anugro, Hasanah Arie, Aldila Putro Uskha, Ghilda Azzahra, and Vivi Yunita Putri. They are practicing under the guidance of lecturer, Jamroji, M.Comms.

The games include making a scarecrow, egrangklompen tali, and bakiak (clogs), and exploring the hamlet. Furthermore, they invite students to build dreams and hopes for the president. They write down their dreams and hopes on a piece of cardboard to be documented and sent to the president.

Such activities were welcomed by the initiator of KLG, Achmad Irfandi. According to him, this movement is a means of creative activity and education. Through their writings, he said, they are taught to build dreams for the sake of the nation.

“Aspiration is not an adult aspiration. Children have the right to express their dreams to Mr. President,” said Irfandi, the one who sent the document of activities to the State Palace, coinciding with the commemoration of National Children’s Day, July 23.

Jamroji conveyed that every event conducted by practicing students should have multiple positive impacts on society. Besides, continuity and publication become crucial requirements as not to stop at mere ceremonial.

“Not only benefits for children, the event can help the economy of locals. For instance, while watching, many Bondet residents open stand for selling. Moreover, it create the emergence of public awareness of the traditional games which can replace gadgets,” said the Secretary of the Study Program.

I expect one of the students from SDN Pagar Ngumbuk for the nation’s betterment. “I want Indonesia to be a developed and a great country,” Nafsin Monatirta wrote. 

Additionally, Marpuah, SDN Wonokosan II student, with her unique natural writing, stated, “I want Indonesia to be great and everyone getting along. Wish my AKM succeed.” MCA stands for Minimum Competency Assessment, which aims to assess students’ abilities for basic mapping abilities. (nas)